123 Business

Nothing happens without taking action.

It is natural to gather advice and opinions before changing it up.  But, when is it time to STOP seeking advice and START taking action?

And, what action should be taken to produce the desired results?

When the time comes to take action it can be difficult to see the big picture.  Forming a clear vision and a plan of attack on your own is lonely work and takes time away from your business.

Why try and re-invent the wheel when there’s one already tried and tested that could work for you.

Welcome to 123 Business. It’s our business cycle program designed to quickly access where you fit along the business cycle and how to progress you through to the next cycle and beyond.

It’s imperative to know what cycle your business is in before deciding on what action is required.

Cycle 1     Introduction (Start Up)

  • Developing a fluid business plan to reflect the now and your future vision
  • Complete market analysis and pin pointing your target market
  • Having the equity and/or backing of sponsors or investors to go to market and start your business

Cycle 2     Gaining Momentum (growth)

  • Capturing your market by developing sales funnels targeted across your potential customer avenues covering all touch points
  • Implementing the right systems, policies and procedures to ensure your business runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively
  • Setting up benchmark milestones to keep you on track and on target

Cycle 3     Accessing & Tweaking For Longevity

  • Applying strategies to secure loyalty and repeat business
  • Combating market change and staying ahead of your competitors
  • Accessing opportunities for expansions and other up sell/cross sell possibilities
  • Developing a futuristic growth strategy

We know in business time is of the essence.  We have developed this cycle assessment to quickly pin point where you are in the cycle and what is needed next.

You will receive a complete assessment rundown of what’s missing in your current cycle and what’s needed in order to progress.

Most importantly you will have a complete hit list of required actions to take in order to see results.

Have the confidence to take action and start seeing the results you want within your business.