Planning is Key

No-one plans to fail, so why fail to plan?

Dealing with spot fires, managing client expectations, negotiating with suppliers, chasing up leads and following up on those you managed to contact a week or two ago are just some of the challenges consuming business owners time on a daily basis.

This is before going home at the end of the day (usually some ungodly hour) logging on and working the finances, posting social media content, designing the next line or actually physically making the next batch of product to be sold (tomorrow’s supply).

Needless to say, something has to give when burning the candle at both ends.  Most of us go into business thinking we’ll make it big, earn some cash and finally have the freedom to do what we want when we want.  Sure, everyone expects the first twelve months to be treacherous and demanding, but no one expects to fail.

The reality is less than one quarter of all new small businesses actually make it past the twelve month mark.

So why do three quarters fail? Finances? Backing? Product? Marketing? Branding?????

None of the above…… The answer is Planning.  Failure to plan, sets you up to fail.

A plan guides you in the building of a house, a shed, a deck.  It’s that plan that ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the actual structure, it’s that plan that keeps you on track knowing what’s next and allows you to keep the end goal in your grasp.

Flat packs, you either love them or hate them, but they too come with a plan in the form of instructions.   It’s through following the instructions provided that you can successfully construct the flat pack.

Holidays or even a weekend away involve planning. Dates, travel arrangements, accommodation, activities and budgeting all revolve around planning to make your holiday one to remember.  Without planning to schedule your holiday you simply wouldn’t go.

Planning produces your stepping stones into making something a reality.  A plan keeps you on track, instructs you what to do next and allows you to make informed decisions when the time comes.

A plan is a living document that needs to change and evolve in keeping with your current environment.

So why not try planning to succeed.

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