Development Phase

There’s no such thing as stagnate growth.

Whether you’ve gone through the trials and tribulations of opening your own business or you’re just starting out, you should know, clients don’t appear.  Worse still once you have scored your clients servicing them doesn’t just happen automatically.

Our Business Development program is specifically designed to ensure you are attracting and securing the right cliental and have the appropriate inhouse setup to accommodate your clients and service them beyond their wildest dreams.

Development Phase includes;

Business Plan – with our plan no stone is left unturned. You will receive a Business Plan outlining your internal structure, systems and procedures, CRM and POS analysis, SWOT overview, employee retention and HR policy and so much more.

Financial Overview – nothing happens without money. Know how its coming in and how its going out with our snapshot overview highlighting your cash flow good and not so good points.

Action Strategy – the only way to accomplish business success is to take action. Our action strategy is based on your Business Plan and includes your benchmark milestones to keep you on track and on target.

Policy and Procedures – Nothing gets done without knowing how to do it. We’ll help you develop and implement the right systems, policies and procedures to ensure your business runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Local Area Marketing (LAM) – knowing who and how to target your local area can be tricky. Our LAM plan will identify your target market and how best to capture them for the short and long term.

Walk away knowing how to target, score and retain your clients.  Better yet, you’ll have the systems and processes in  place to ensure your clients stay happy and become life long loyal clients.